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Have you already got some plans for you holidays this year?

The holiday season is getting closer. Very soon, lots of guys will begin their holidays by laying on the beach or just wandering around doing nothing. However, not for everybody such lazy activities for holidays must be appealing. Some guys want to experience something different, instead of solely following these simple ideas. If you are one of those sort of individuals, we have two suggestions regarding trip destinations this year. Have you started to be curious what they are?
First suggestion is Munich. If you think this is only another not special German city, you are wrong. If you will take 1 of flights from warsaw to munich, you would see how much this city might offer. Usually it seems like many tourists normally select Berlin or Hamburg. However, Munich is even more appealing! Firstly, Munich is a host place for popular Oktoberfest. This festival is hold every third Saturday of September annually.
Author: Jose Monsalve 2
Oktoberfest is so famous that other cities also made up your mind to have Oktoberfest celebration ( Nevertheless, if you want to experience the original one, you have to take flights from warsaw to munich, as in this place this festival has began! During the festival, apart of drinking plenty of beers, you can also try amazing local food, such as e.g. roast chicken (locally known as Hendl), grill fish on a stick (called Steckerlfisch) or famous white sausage! If you are still not convinced, it may be worth to also mentioned that Munich is famous also for its cultural sights – Munich got many amazing museums therefore and every visitor will obviously find the one for himself. Between museums there are for instance Jewish Museum (known as Jüdisches Museum) that will present you, in an extremely engaging way, a Jewish history during the 1980's and later on.

Furthermore, from Munich you might also take a short 1 day trip to town called Salzburg, which is famous UNESCO-listed city! As you can see, there are much to do when you get there!
Another holiday suggestions is even less obvious than Munich. We suggest you to take flights to Belarus. Many individuals think that Belarus has nothing interesting to offer as well as it is too close to think about it as a real holiday. Nevertheless, such attitude is also a huge mistake (read information). Belarus is often called as “lungs of Europe” due to its unique landscape.
Author: Paul Sableman
In consequence, it is an amazing place to rest in the surrounding of beautiful forests or lakes. Moreover, the capital city, Minsk, is a great place to become familiar with complex Soviet history. It is enough to say about famous Museum of the Great Patriotic War, which will show you wooden shelters, tanks, stories of partisan soldiers as well as their families. Thus, do not hesitate any longer. Choose the most convenient flights to Belarus and enjoy your off the beaten track holiday.

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