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Capital of Poland - very great place to explore

Nowadays, flying by air jet is much more cheaper then before. Tourists are able to see very far lands and countries, without loosing great fortune on it. When you are in Chicago, and you are interesting in Poland, you must to definitely get some seats for flights to Warsaw. This metropolis is really magnificent spot, with many of history and legends. It could be a part of your big tour around this area, or only short week during your European trip. Does not matter the reason, when you select flights from Chicago to Warsaw you won't be disappointment.

Metropolis isn't normal Polish city, cause it has not got any central square. It is all cause it was really constructed in 16th century. Of course, at this area use to be a small town, but it was made from wood. And cities with central squares was build in the Medieval period. But even so, you would able to observe there some lovely, historical buildings, still. Yon need to go to the Castle Square for it, you should locate there a spectacular Royal Palace, created in Mannerism and Rococo style (find out). Former structure was ruined in the time of the WW II, but all the antiques from the inside, such as rare portrayals and sculptures, was saved at the beginning and after war, residence was build again. Opposite of it is situated one of the greatest signatures of the metropolis - Sigismund's Column, this statue was created in 17th century, it looks very amazing, it is a portrayal of one of the best kings of Poland.
Author: Gregorio Puga Bailón

The most romantic place in the whole city is Ujazdów, for sure. This historical area, use to be really essential part of the capital. If you are searching for flights to Warsaw, one of your reason for the voyage need to be this district. The great signature of it is Ujazdów Residence, build in seventeenth century, magnificent example of Rococo style in Eastern Europe ( At the moment, most of the chambers are open for visitors to explore as part of Center of Modern Art. Plenty of famous painters,
Author: Malinda Rathnayake
Polish and outlanders,s you can see there if you wish. But if you are looking for some place to go for a mood walk with your beloved one, choose Royal Baths Park. This magnificent place, situated close to the Classical mansion, was build in the eighteen century, is really nostalgic. It use to be summer residence of last overlord of Poland, with magical English garden all around it.

If you are arranging a tour to the Poland, select flights from Chicago to Warsaw. You may find plenty of deals on this line, and also capital of the Poland is totally worth to be visited. Spectacular architecture, a lot of objects of art, lovely wildlife.

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